Wednesday 29 September 10 21:25
Hello Piczo, long time no see, eh? How are you?
What's that? You're not a person so I should stop talking to you like one?
Fair enough.

Time to A.D.D-subject-change until I run out of things to say

I gots me a pet snake. Named him Gin... I'm having trouble convincing people I'm not an alcoholic now. Anyways my grandmother found out about him and now she refuses to ever come to my place again. *Sadface*. He's just a little baby and he doesn't even bite. The worst thing he does it sit real still and stare at you. Terrifying.

So I'm having a bad... well bad past 4 years really but ignoring that I just want to say that I'm not feeling so great today. I haven't been sleeping again - last night I only fell asleep long enough to have a dream that I was writing a book called "Zombies are Your Fault" and I was up the rest of the night.

I really want to write that book now. "Zombies are Your Fault". Just a big book of me - the writer - bitching at you - the reader - and blaming the zombie apocalypse completely on you. It would be a great time.

Did I mention that I don't technically go to public school anymore? I do all my classes by myself now and when I finish a module I just hand it in and I never really have to leave home. It's probably not the greatest thing for me, but I like it. Outside is for losers *denial* But I really like this - yesterday while I was doing my math, I baked a cake. I cheese cake. A really really big cheese cake - if I were to try to eat it by myself, I'd porbably double my weight. Yummy. You can't do that in normal school.
Mr. Math Teacher - "What are you doing?"
Student - "Making cookies. Want one?"
Yeah - that'd go over real well.

My dog is psychotic and keeps trying to chew his tail off so he has to wear a cone. It sucks - He keeps stabbing me with it. You know what else sucks? Daytime TV... which is actually probably a good thing for me because this way I actually focus on my work. I have an eye-ball yo-yo.

I can feel a pink dinosaur rant coming on so I think I'm going to wrap up now.
Thank you for your patience.
Saturday 4 September 10 16:49
Does this look infected? it's been getting stedily darker and I don't even know where it came from. Just looked down the other day and was like "...Oh."
...It doesn't look as bad in the picture... you can't see the red area around it.

Please respond to me - I have needs!
...Damn I'm lonely
Saturday 4 September 10 09:29
Hi ho, hi ho!It's off to work we go!
Whistle whistle whistle whistle, whistle whistle whistle whistle!
Hi ho, hi ho it's 1:30 in the morning!

Stupid yogurt commercial getting Disney songs stuck in my head...
Thursday 26 August 10 06:31
I just ripped my favorite pants in half...
Stupid cheap fabric  T__T

I seem to have dissapeared for a little while... right? God, I have the attention span of a gnat and a memory to match -- I can't remeber how long it's been since I visited this site.
But anyways (do I use that word too much?) I fell asleep at like 7 and had a horrifying dream about jellyfish and now it's 10 and there's no hope of me getting back to sleep so here I am.

Moving on.
Usually when I have dreams about dying there's always a couple zombies hanging around, but this time instead of being stuck in a room full of animated corpses I was stuck in a room full of flying jellyfish. Fish swimming through the air isn't something that's new to my dream world, but this was just thoroughly unpleasent. Usually the fish just swim around me and mind their own buisness but these jellyfish just kept getting stuck to my face. It wasn't a good time.
(I'm pretty sure there's a cat having an orgasm outside my window right now)
It was a strange dream. Even stranger then when I had to steal the Russian Meat Burger... almost. I was stuck in this building and some people were alive and some were dead but the only way to tell them apart was with the jellyfish -- they only attacked the dead people and the living couldn't see them.
It was a really trippy dream though -- I'm starting to wonder if spies are slipping experimental drugs into my food or something.

I keep finding change in my bed -- it's starting to freak me out, but at least this way if I die in my sleep and go to Hades I can pay the ferryman to take me across the river while the rest of you are stuck on the other side. Suckers.
That sentence had nothing to do with anything. Goodnight.


Tuesday 27 July 10 04:37

Users Who Hyped This Post

Personally, I think I have what it takes to be a super villain. Just the other day I found myself trying to buy the Geek`s Guide to World Domination... but uh... mother doesn't approve of my dream.
But I wouldn't really be one of those scary psychotic geniuses you see in all the new action movies you see now days... but something more like this guy:
I don't know... I guess I can just really picture myself with a giant net trying to capture all the stars in the sky to hold for a ransom of $100 and a cupcake.
I also have an unnatural fasination with lasers, fire, and swords. When I'm the world's greatest mad scientist, I want to invent a flamming lazer sword. Kinda like a light saber... but on fire <3. I'd be so badass.
I also want a radio-active pet goat named Delorice. I have no idea why.

....I believe it's about time to put an end to what is probably the most random thing I've ever written. I'ma play pokemon until I pass out ~ Goodnight.